Native Youth Leadership Alliance

Our Vision

The Native Youth Leadership Alliance is an intergenerational collective of Tribal College students and their allies that spark positive change in Native American communities. NYLA connects education to action by providing culturally relevant leadership support, networking opportunities, and learning experiences that help participants achieve community-building goals. NYLA was created by and for students at Tribal Colleges, which serve low-resourced, predominantly rural reservation communities.

At all levels, NYLA uses a participatory approach in its program and governance. Young leaders chart their own course based on local assets, contexts and culture. Young leaders themselves drive NYLA decision-making in collaboration with an Advisory Council of experienced elders.

In parallel development to Tribal Colleges, NYLA is an emerging movement inspired at the grassroots level by young Native leaders committed to staying in and building their communities. NYLA is investing in Tribal College students as the next generation of transformative leaders in Native communities.

NYLA fellows attend different colleges from across the country, representing many distinct tribal backgrounds. This diversity supports learning across multiple communities, while also increasing the power of finding common ground.