Native Youth Leadership Alliance

My name is Steven Pahe Jr and I am from the San Carlos Apache Reservation located in Eastern Arizona. I am 3/4th Apache and a 1/4th Dine. I am proud to be born into two strong tribes in the Southwest.

I am working towards my American Indian Studies degree and hope to one day teach history and coach basketball. I believe that history tells the story as to why Native American people are struggling. I have taken a semester off from Haskell Indian Nations University to start a youth program in my community. The disease of alcoholism is high amongst the Native American people and the disease of alcoholism is prevalent in all reservation communities. I am working on a program that will educate the youth on how the disease of alcoholism was introduced to Native American people.

The Native Youth Leadership Alliance gives me the resources and trainings to take a stand against the disease which has been stunting our growth as First Nations people.  NYLA members, who are from various tribal communities in the United States, give me much support while I have been in the genesis process of starting a youth program here in my community.

Native Youth Leadership Alliance is my second family in my journey to improve the lives of my people.

Areas of Focus

Youth Development/Organizing, Health and Wellness, Cultural Revitalization

Leadership Accomplishments
  • Panelist at New York University, Film Screening related to Protection of Sacred Sites, November 2009
  • Muscogee Food Sovereignty Initiative: Youth Convening Facilitator, Muscogee, OK, February 2010
  • Studies American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University
  • Launched Basketball Program for Middle School Youth on San Carlos Reservation
  • US Social Forum, Detroit, MI, June 2010
  • Panelist at Florida State University, Native American History Month, November 2010
  • NYLA Intergenerational Visioning Retreat, November 2010
  • NYLA Intergenerational Retreat, October 2011 (Steering Committee)
  • Nike N7 Sport Summit, Beaverton, Oregon 2011
  • Aspiration: (Basketball/Higher Education) + Restore Young Warrior Societies for Young Men, Advocacy against the disease of Alcoholism