Native Youth Leadership Alliance

KEIOSHIAH HEAD SHOTYa’a’teeh, my name is Keioshiah Peter. I am Diné from Kirtland, New Mexico. I am of the folded arms people. Born for the Mexican people clan. My maternal grandfather is of the waters edge clan and my paternal grandfather is of the red running through the water clan. This I’d how I identify myself as a Diné women.

I gather my strength and focus from my close relations, Diné teachings, and also from the concept of water. I assist in my community through a series of local student and non-profit organizaKEIOSHIAH WHITE HOUSEtions which enable me to live as a contributing community member while also establishing connections all over Native America.
Issues that I currently am involved in open to working with include the following: Indigenous rights, native youth advocacy, sexual health, prevention, sexual health, and health promotion.