Native Youth Leadership Alliance

I’m Josephine M. Buck. That name comes from my great grandma Josephine on my dad’s side of our family.  My last name was also carried by my dad’s family.  I was blessed with new life in 2004 when my daughter Carmen was born. She’s my source of energy, love and strength; and is a great reminder of how fast life moves along.

I’ve heard and I believe that the next generation is the generation that will bring change to our world, and it is great change. I believe my role in that upcoming change is to provide them with inspiration, knowledge and guidance and then step aside.

We will make things happen for our Native people. We all know ourselves, so we make changes as we see necessary. We know our relationships with others and we make changes as we see necessary as a couple. Therefore, as members of our communities or reservations, we know them so well that we see where change is needed and what we are capable of changing.

I’m receiving knowledge from everyone I encounter in many ways, I’m attending Yakima Valley Community College and shortly will transfer to a university to further my knowledge, but my most powerful knowledge comes from my life and who enters and leaves it.

I give much love and appreciation to my Mom of all people. She is my rock and my source of strength, perseverance and respect. I love her with all my heart as well as others who make each day a blessing: my daughter, my sisters, brothers, nieces and nephew. I take pride in my work doing youth outreach, social skills and teambuilding, healthy relationships, youth council advisory, youth recreation, youth mentoring, and above all cultural ties into all of these areas that develop strong leaders.

I believe in a great number of things and they come to me every day, but I can list the most important when it comes to leadership and growth.

  1. When it comes to work, it’s a good habit to practice your spiritual qualities when you work. If you’re a caring, energetic, and respectful person, apply those qualities at work.
  2. And not everyone is as productive/unproductive as me; levels of production vary and it’s good to understand this.
  3. No matter how far you get in life, it’s always good to give back. If you’re part of a group that wants support from the community, then be sure to give back to that community as a group and role model standing in a good way because later it will come back to help us.
  4. In working, find your “why” factor. Why do you work? Why pull weeds and do yard work for an elderly woman? Knowing our reason why helps us build our motivation to work with a good attitude and work comes easier.
  5. Stick by your beliefs with strength. Don’t be afraid to stand alone for them if you have to.
  6. No one is a leader at all times, sometimes we need to step aside and hand over the reigns, because a leader is not in a role for personal gain.
  7. Make sure to have fun. If you plan on working with upcoming generations, be open to being youthful and having fun. It’s a winning attitude.
  8. All the strong people that influence you are great things to keep in your heart and mind. Make sure you remember who influenced you to be where you are.
  9. Remember our natural surroundings and what they teach us and how they sacrifice for us for our well-being. I always seek a river to let my pain drift away, and the wind to carry away my voice when I speak what I don’t need bottled up.


Areas of Focus

Youth Development/Organizing