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Photo credit: Dakota Mace Photography


Wicahpi Winyan miye na wasicuiya Angel Two Bulls (Mills) imaciyapi. Oglala oyanke ematanhan, Owakpamni el matunpi na Pahin Sinte el imacage. Mills na Spider tiospaye etan waun. Lakol wicohan un imacage ca hecel owanunye.

My Relatives, my Lakota name is Wicahpi Winyan (Star Being) and my English name is Angel Two Bulls (Mills). I am from the Oglala Lakota Nation, born on the Pine Ridge Agency and raised in Pahin Sinte (Porcupine) South Dakota. I come from the Mills and Spider families and was raised with Oglala Lakota teachings that I live by.

I joined the NYLA family in 2012 and the First Peoples Fund family in 2017. In being a part of these two non-profit organizations, I work with Native communities through art, while keeping in mind a therapeutic focus, as I believe that mental health and the arts go hand in hand.
1013386_10100408172271305_2105945205_n My background is in mental health, I obtained my B.A. from Portland State University and M.A. in Clinical Counseling from the University of New Mexico. I also attended the Institute of American Indian Arts and received my A.F.A. in New Media: Moving Images. I’m also on my way to a community coaching certification, which will expand the dynamic ways in which I work with my community.

Photo credit: Dakota Mace Photography

I am a gender fluid creative, cinematographer, therapist, coach and active community member with a passion in moving our Native communities forward.

This lifelong work is my vision and I feel honored to be a part of the NYLA family that is comprised of revolutionaries.

Mitakuye Oyasin | We Are All Related

Pilamayaye | Thank you