Native Youth Leadership Alliance



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Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Youth Forum


Where: Yakama Nation at Legends Casino Hotel

580 Fort Road, Toppenish, WA 98948

When: Sunday May 20, 2018 9am – 5pm

Who: Middle school – High school age Native Youth



Registration open

Network, enjoy snacks, ice breakers, necklace making


Setting the tone for the day & the land we’re on, prayer, opening remarks


NYLA introduction & group icebreakers



Building Two-spirit/LGBTQ justice, equity & awareness




Lunch open space, necklace making & vote on Youth determined space





Healing Circle & Coping Strategies





ATNI Youth Committee Resolution


Youth-Determined Space




Workshop Descriptions



Building Two-spirit/LGBTQ Justice, Equity & Awareness

We all have someone we know or care about who identifies as Two Spirit or LGBTQ in our family or community. Family and community support are essential for (Everyone, and especially for) Two Spirit/LGBTQ people to feel a part of and supported by our tribal communities. In this workshop we will build awareness around the issues and need to support Two Spirit/LGBTQ people. We will also go over terminology, what we can do in our communities and tribes to build equity and justice and roles as allies.


Healing Circle & Coaching

This workshop is a collaboration from ATNI youth and NYLA: Larae Ellenwood, Nia Williamson and Tashara Bill are the youth representatives that have expressed the need for a safer space for youth expression. This facilitated healing circle will support youth participants to share what’s on their heart and learn coping strategies for dealing with stress.


ATNI Youth Committee Resolution: Two Spirit/LGBTQ Equity & Jusitce

In this workshop we build upon the foundation from the day and will be guided on how to make an ATNI resolution by ATNI Education Chair, Patsy Whitefoot. As an ATNI Youth Committee together, we will draft a resolution that supports and builds more equity and justice for Two Spirit/LGBTQ people. As Native American people, we have history prior to contact where our communities were accepting from youngest to oldest. It is time to reclaim that past history and knowledge to support the whole community as equals. Create a community of support and allyship that involves everybody, especially Two Spirit/LGBTQ people.


Youth determined space

During the forum we poll youth participants on what they’d like to do at the end of the day. This is one practice NYLA uses to de marginalize young people by giving them their own right to choose how they’d like to spend time together. And to acknowledge that majority of the planning for the forum  was done without their input.



We begin, end and break up each workshop with icebreakers to keep folks engaged and stimulated, to build trust, get to know each other, have fun, and balance ‘thinking’ time with some movement and light heartedness.


Ongoing activities

We value self care, cultural and hands on learning.  With these values in mind, throughout the day we will have supplies for youth participants to make your own necklaces or bracelets and their own aromatherapy spray.


ATNI Youth Forum Facilitators


Josephine Buck (Yakama/Nooksack/Warm Springs)

NYLA Youth Trainer, Youth Pastor for Mending Wings, song & dance coach Yakama Swan Dancers, student at Yakima Valley Community College


Mariana Harvey (Yakama)

NYLA NW Program Manager, ATNI Youth Committee member, contributor to Tend, Gather, Grow Teaching Toolkit


Johnny Buck (Wanapum/Yakama)

NYLA Co-Founder, ATNI Youth Committee Chair, student at Northwest Indian College


Jesse Short Bull (Oglala Lakota)

NYLA Co-Founder/Communications Manager, student at Institute of American Indian Arts


Kevin Killer (Oglala Lakota)

NYLA Co-Founder/Director, South Dakota Senator


Angel Two Bulls (Oglala Lakota)

NYLA member, cinematographer, artist, and community coach


Patricia Whitefoot (Yakama)

NYLA advisory member, ATNI Education Chair, ATNI Youth Committee Vice Chair, Toppenish School District, Lifelong Educator


Se-ah-dom Edmo (Shoshone-Bannock/Yakama/Nez Perce)

Sovereignty Program Director at Western States Center



For more information contact:

Johnny Buck –

Mariana Harvey –


This event is graciously supported by Western States Center, Social Justice Fund Northwest, Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians and Potlatch Fund