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(Johnny Buck) Northwest Area Foundation Spotlight

“In my short life journey thus far, I have developed an interest to create positive and sustainable social change in my community,” said Johnny Buck, a Native Youth Leadership Alliance (NYLA) Fellow.

A descendent of the Wanapum tribal leader bearing his same name, Johnny Buck grew up near Priest River Dam on the Columbia River in central Washington state. He is a student at Northwest Indian College focusing on environmental studies. Selected as a Fellow by a different organization for the George Washington University Native Political Leadership program, Buck received a full scholarship to learn about the political workings in the U.S. Capitol. The program hones the skills of Native Americans, preparing them to be the next generation of political leaders.  His vision is to apply what he’s learned to revitalize the tribe’s language and culture in the Wanapum Village and ultimately to benefit all Tribal Nations.

My community is deeply rooted in culture, language, traditions and ceremony. By helping to revitalize our horse culture and language, I have committed myself to the younger generations in my community.

Through the NYLA Fellowship, he has been expanding his networks and collaboration with NYLA partner organizations. Buck has participated in several leadership trainings, including the NYLA Intergenerational Visioning Retreats, the First Nations Development Institute – Oweesta Leadership Capacity-Building Institute, the Native Philanthropy Institute, and Wellstone Action! He is a founding NYLA steering committee member, an archaeologist, and a father.

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