Native Youth Leadership Alliance

(Kolette Medicine) Life Changes as a Teacher and a New Mommy!

Life has changed so much this year. I am a new mommy to a beautiful baby boy, Lloyd Brown III.  Being a new mom has brought a lot of changes and I see life in a different way.   Being with my son brings me a lot of happiness and hope for the future of our communities.

I am also almost done with my BA in Elementary Education from Oglala Lakota College!  I am ready to graduate, it has been a long road to get my degree.   I am having fun in my last semester student teaching.  I was at a middle school with 7th graders for the past two months and got to teach with my 7th grade teacher.  Now I am teaching kindergarten and excited to have my own classroom soon.  I know it is important to our Native youth in Rapid City to have Native teachers and role models to look up to.

I’m keeping strong in my traditional values as a Lakota woman, and happy to add being a mother and teacher to my roles in my community.  Lloyd is NYLA’s newest member 🙂

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