Native Youth Leadership Alliance

NYLA Featured on KXNews in Bismarck, North Dakota

BISMARCK, N.D. ­– KXNews featured NYLA on April 17, 2011 during the AIHEC 2011 Spring Student Conference because of its “Come Share Your Spark” session. The news story featured interviews with NYLA Fellows Johnny Buck and Ray Curtis Yazzie, who talked about the advantages and capacities Native youth have compared to previous generations to address challenges in Indian Country.

During the interview, Buck said, “We feel that we are at an advantage in our generation because we have the education and the resources to be able to deal with these issues compared to the past like our parents generation, they had the ideas but they didn’t have the capacity to create change.”

The interview also featured Yazzie who said, “It’s really motivating to hear what Johnny’s doing and other members across the United States, what they’re doing, and kind of learn from them and brainstorm, everybody really shares and that way it’s really inspiring.”

All the NYLA Fellows were excited and surprised that their session was featured on the local media, because it showed the dynamic energy and progress that the organization was creating and sustaining.

To see video of the interview, go to: KXNews.