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Native Youth Leadership Alliance


 The NYLA fellowship is for young leaders

who are passionate to create a better future for their communities

* NYLA fellows are preparing to or are currently making change in their local communities

* NYLA fellows commit to an intensive 24-month leadership fellowship

* The NYLA fellowship provides ongoing mentorship and leadership coaching, a nationwide network of young leaders from diverse Tribal communities, elder mentors, local and national retreats, skill building, and network building opportunities across both Native and non-Native communities

* NYLA fellows attend a National Visioning Retreat and a local retreat in their region

* NYLA is a rooted in culturally based leadership and community change NYLA Ripple Effect

* NYLA supports holistic leadership development (addressing each fellow’s development in physical/spiritual/emotional wellness + academic achievement + community leadership)

* NYLA fellows are predominantly from rural communities and committed to lead in their communities for long-term

* NYLA fellows make a significant time investment in their leadership goals, skill building, connections with other young leaders and ultimately sustained community action

* A majority of NYLA fellows are from communities where NYLA has existing relationships and fellows.  Increased consideration will be given to students who are attending or who have attended a Tribal College

* NYLA fellows have access up to $1,000 in seed funding to invest their leadership development and community organizing.  These resources will be used to fundraise and ‘leverage’ or multiply the resources

 * NYLA fellows work towards gaining core skills and experiences to obtain a leadership certification 


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Questions? Or want to speak to a current NYLA Fellow about their experience?  Please email NYLA Director Kevin Killer at info[at]

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